How A Survey Consultant Can Help You Ask the Right Questions

Instead of hiring a professional survey consultant, many business owners or corporate managers attempt to design their own online omnibus surveys and execute and analyze the data themselves. But the most successful people in the world got that way by surrounding themselves with experts. That is especially true when it comes to taking advantage of knowledgeable market survey companies and the expertise of a trained survey consultant.

Use the right survey consultant and your surveys will pay for themselves many times over. But try managing an online omnibus survey with a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach and you’ll risk losing money, credibility, and customers. It happens all the time, thanks to poorly designed questionnaires, inappropriate sample frames, and questions that confuse data and contribute to misleading outcomes.

  • Any top notch omnibus survey company, for instance, will know how to ensure than the sample or surveyed audience is large enough – and sufficiently well-stratified – to get the insights you seek.
  • Meanwhile their survey consultants will create questions that yield more candid and factual responses by being easy to comprehend yet psychologically sensitive to the concerns of consumers being surveyed.
  • When surveys don’t flow well or when they delve into sensitive issues, people may fill them out with information that is inaccurate. Instead of responding to the question the way it was intended, they instead answer in a way that they think is socially acceptable, will make them appear more intelligent, or will preserve their privacy and anonymity.
  • Fail to understand these dynamics and it can not only mislead, but it can cause you to launch an expensive ad campaign or product line that misses the target entirely.
  • But the skillful survey consultant will design a survey that allows respondents to answer clearly and truthfully, will embed quality controls to ensure the integrity of the output, and will set timelines and reporting benchmarks to ensure the data is fresh when it is time to use it to make those all-important decisions.
  • A professional survey consultant can also do fast, flexible analysis. Many times the results of an online omnibus survey will need to be interpreted clearly in very short order. Providing quick, accurate analysis of omnibus survey results is often one of the most valuable aspects of the survey consultant’s service.
  • The survey consultant can also monitor response rates and adjust the sample to keep up with slower completion rates, for instance, or augment sample to allow for deeper analysis of interviews from key groups of respondents whose data would otherwise be obscured by statistical white noise.

In today’s world of sophisticated online omnibus survey tools and survey company technologies the power of world-class market survey companies cannot be overestimated. Let them conduct your next survey – and ask the right kinds of questions – to really uncover answers that illuminate your vision. Don’t rely on guesswork, but engage the services of online survey companies and a professional survey consultant.

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